Jtp Mould

Jtp Mould is located in Huangyan, Zhejiang, China. It only takes 40 minutes from Luqiao
Airport and takes only 10 minutes from Taizhou train station.
Jtp Mould is known as one of the best

China crate mould manufacturers and plastic furniture mould factory

for plastic household items, such as chair mould, crate mould, bucket mould, medical mould
and so on.
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We have advanced plastic molding process, and our Plastic furniture mould are mainly exported to North America,
South America, Europe, Australia and Middle east countries.


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What are the common blanks for plastic molds?

Aug 26,2022

Profiles refer to bars, sheets, and other sections of various sections. This is the most widely used...

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The parting surface of the precision mold is not allowed to be polished by hand. How to realize it?

Aug 18,2022

Now, many foreign businessmen put forward higher requirements for the manufacture of molds. It is re...

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How to design a successful plastic mold?

Aug 11,2022

It is closely related to mold design and manufacture and plastic processing. The success or failure ...

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