All plastic mold making companies can produce PVC products


All plastic mold making companies can produce PVC produ […]

All plastic mold making companies can produce PVC products. The less demanding PVC plastic products are made of aluminum molds. In the process of making aluminum molds, there are the following points to pay attention to. The first is that a flat steel plate is used at the bottom of the larger mold. There must be no deformation. Otherwise, the plastic position of the formed PVC plastic product will be uneven.

The smaller the bottom of the mold, the steel plate is not needed because the steel plate is used to characterize the mold. Plastic mold making company re-production of PVC plastic products, the dripping and baking are very critical. If the temperature in the previous stage is high, the material will penetrate the fabric seam in the front stage during the glue dispensing and bottom filling process. Inside, in this way, the PVC plastic products produced will have a cloak phenomenon. However, if the temperature is too low, the material at the previous stage will be mixed with the latter material to form a color mixing phenomenon.

The proportion of plastic molds in the entire mold industry is about 30%, but the proportion in foreign trade mold import and export is as high as 50-70%. In recent years, China's plastic mold has grown rapidly. The use of plastic finished products is also becoming increasingly popular, providing a broad market for plastic molds. Technology is also becoming more sophisticated.

At the same time, household appliances, construction, automotive and other industries have a large demand for plastic molds. According to estimates, the automotive and motorcycle industries alone need 8 billion plastic molds each year, and color TV plastic molds also have a market of about 2.8 billion yuan each year. Not to mention all kinds of small plastic molds for construction.