Cement plastic potsflower pots or other containers sprayers


Cement, plastic pots, flower pots or other containers, […]

Cement, plastic pots, flower pots or other containers, sprayers, garden trowels and shovels, small bricks and sandpaper.

Cement can be bought in most hardware stores. It is a powdery thing that can be mixed with fine sand properly and can be made into concrete and mortar.

The following are some prepared plastic containers of different specifications, which are used as basic molds for making concrete flower pots. You can use these larger containers with a smaller container. After pouring the concrete in the large container, cover it with a small container. Let the concrete turn into a pot-shaped container.

You can also make these concrete flower pots by listening to some disposable plastic pots so that you don't have to worry about the concrete damaging the container.

After the concrete is formed, the container can be washed and reused, but it must be properly treated and cannot be used for food. In addition, you can spray some vegetable oil cooking spray on the bottom of the plastic container, which can reduce the hardening of the concrete to the plastic container. After the concrete is dried and formed, the plastic basin can be easily taken out.

Before making, the first thing to do is to mix cement with water. The ratio of cement to water is 2: 1, and then use a shovel or a hoe to stir. After mixing, you can use it.

In the process of mixing the cement, you can mix some dyes in it to make it appear more beautiful.

Pour the cement into the prepared container below. Make it faster to prevent the cement from solidifying. It should be completed within 5-10 minutes. After that, apply the second small container 10,000 volumes with vegetable oil cooking spray and light it. Press lightly on the cement until it approaches the edge of the largest container, which will shape the approximate pot shape.

During the production process, it is necessary to wait for the concrete to slowly solidify. You can place bricks or stones on the top of the small container and press it. This can prevent the small container from floating during the drying process and the shape of the flowerpot is distorted.

You can let the concrete be treated overnight, that is, after the concrete is completely dry before processing, and then gently pull it out from both sides of the container and swing it back and forth.