China is the largest and most comprehensive


China is the largest and most comprehensive and compreh […]

China is the largest and most comprehensive and comprehensive country in the medical mold industry. When well-known foreign medical mold companies are slowly taking root in China, even with the continuous advancement of new technologies and new technologies, medical molds are constantly developing, constantly innovating and constantly improving the level of intelligence. The challenges faced by Chinese companies are still growing. When the domestic medical mold market is becoming more and more saturated, how can domestic medical mold enterprises find a bigger and wider international market, and how to find new market breakthroughs is urgently needed.
The molding of plastics is inseparable from the mold. Due to different industries and requirements, there are different choices for the material of the plastic mold.
There are four types of plastic molds on the market: wood molds, plastic molds, copper molds, and aluminum molds.
Wood mold: the cost is low, but the mold is fragile, and the surface of the formed product is rough, and the molding is difficult, and it is not suitable for products with high difficulty and deep cavity;
Plastic mold: the structure is relatively simple, the applicability is strong and the cost is low. The appearance of scratching the plastic product during molding reduces the production efficiency due to the process;
Electroplated copper mold: electroplating a layer of copper shell on the basis of plaster mold, the cost is general, the service life is short, difficult to store, and the molding precision is poor;
Aluminum mold: The product is smooth and durable, and can be molded with high precision. It is easy to be finely polished. The products produced meet the requirements of the medical industry for the transparency of aseptic blister boxes, but the cost is relatively high.
Because of the high requirements for cleanliness and microbes in the manufacturing process of medical rigid plastic packaging, the application of azimuth aseptic packaging for aluminum molds makes the final product meet customer requirements!

The globalization of the world economy and the rapid development of integration have become increasingly fierce in the international market. Our medical mold companies have become an inevitable trend in the international market. However, in the last century, a computer and a translation software can travel all over the world and have disappeared forever. Nowadays, the internationalization of enterprises must be more systematic and more professional. We must carefully study the international market, understand the development trend of the international market, find out where we are in the market, and let products be specialized and branded. Only in this way can we Actively and steadily explore the international market.