Consider When Selecting A Laundry Basket


In our opinion, laundry baskets are household essential […]

In our opinion, laundry baskets are household essentials that we all need, so everyone should buy a laundry basket!

A laundry basket should have a few important features. Here’s what to consider when selecting a laundry basket:

Material. Most laundry baskets are either made from plastic, or from wicker or other woven natural materials. However, you can find some options made from fabric. Plastic models are inexpensive and won’t get wet or waterlogged, but they look cheap and plastic isn’t good for the environment. Wicker and woven baskets look great and are sturdily made, but they can be expensive. Fabric laundry baskets aren’t usually the best option if you want to put wet clothes in them, as they get waterlogged.
Size or capacity. An average laundry basket is designed to fit a single load of laundry. If you have an extra larger washer or dryer, you might choose to look for a bigger option.
Durability. Your laundry basket should be strong enough to carry wet washing over some distance, especially if your dryer is in your building’s basement or you use a dryer in a laundromat. While plastic laundry baskets are strong, the plastic can break if treated roughly. Quality woven baskets are extremely durable, but cheap models can be lacking in that department.
Ease of carrying. Make sure your chosen laundry basket is comfortable to carry. The handles should be well-placed so you don’t have to hold it awkwardly. Some models are curved to easily rest on the hip.
Overall appearance. Plastic laundry baskets might be cheap and practical, but you can’t deny that they’re ugly. Wicker and woven baskets have a classic look, so you wouldn’t be embarrassed to leave them lying around the house with guests over.