High-temperature plastic injection molding of medical equipment part


High-temperature plastic injection molding of medical e […]

High-temperature plastic injection molding of medical equipment parts is an engineering plastic that is used in medical equipment, medical equipment, medical consumables or other engineering fields that require plastics to still have high mechanical properties and chemical resistance under high-temperature working environments. However, some high-temperature plastics are used in When it comes to medical equipment, it is not because of its high temperature resistance. Sometimes it is lightweight, self-lubricating and wear-resistant. When medical consumables need high temperature or steam sterilization, high temperature resistant plastics such as PPSU LCP and PES should also be considered.

The mechanical working conditions of ordinary PP and nylon are generally 100℃, and the general working temperature of PC is below 140℃. According to the plastics of different manufacturers, there is a certain gap in temperature resistance, especially some modified ordinary plastics and raw materials. The gap is more obvious.

High temperature resistant engineering injection molding plastic is a kind of plastic that can maintain its own relatively high mechanical properties under high temperature working environment due to its special structure. Most high temperature resistant plastics need high temperature injection molding during injection molding. This has higher temperature requirements for the heating system of the injection molding machine. In most injection molding machines, the barrel temperature of the default configuration is below 350 degrees.