How much impact do plastic products have on our lives


In recent years, plastic products have become more and […]

In recent years, plastic products have become more and more popular, and we need a lot of plastic products in our lives. The invention of plastic has brought great changes to our lives. Plastic products can replace those expensive, scarce and easily broken products. Now we use combs, pens, buttons, basins, cups, etc., many products are available It is made of plastic. With the continuous development of plastic products, plastics can be used to make building materials, such as doors and windows and other accessories, that is, plastic profiles. Because of the plasticity of plastics, it can be made into various shapes.
At present, there are plastic products everywhere in our lives. Almost all household products can be made of a certain kind of plastic. Products made of plastic are lighter in weight and not easily broken. More importantly, they can be Molded into various shapes, it has very high practicability. With the development of economy, plastic products are more and more widely used in all aspects of people's production and life. Some people say that if there is no plastic, our life may have to go back to 130 years ago, which shows that plastic products have a profound impact on our lives.
The plastic food bags, milk bottles, pails, water bottles, etc. on the general market are mostly polyethylene plastics. They feel lubricious to the touch. The surface is like a layer of wax, easy to burn, flame yellow with wax dripping. It smells of paraffin, and this plastic is non-toxic. Industrial packaging plastic bags or containers are mostly made of polyvinyl chloride with lead-containing salt stabilizers. This kind of plastic is sticky when touched by hand, it is not easy to burn, it goes out immediately after leaving the fire, the flame is green, and the weight is heavier. This kind of plastic is poisonous.
Do not use plastic products to fill oil, vinegar, and wine at will. Even though it is a white translucent bucket sold on the market, it is non-toxic, but it is not suitable for long-term storage of oil, vinegar, or it will easily cause plastic swelling. Oxidize the oil and produce substances harmful to the human body; you should also pay attention to the wine, not too long, too long will reduce the flavor and degree of the wine. It is especially worth noting that you should never use toxic PVC pails to hold oil, vinegar, wine, etc., or it will contaminate the oil, vinegar and wine. People can feel pain, nausea, skin allergies and so on. In severe cases, it can damage the bone marrow and liver.
In order to make plastic products durable, the main thing is to use them properly, do not expose them to sunlight, rain, or bake on fire or heating, and do not often contact water or oil. In addition, try to avoid using plastic containers or bags for greasy or hot food. Plastic products should not be collided with force or exposed to frequent exposure to high temperatures, because collisions are easy to break, and exposure can accelerate their aging and shorten their service life.
It can be seen that, in fact, our lives rely heavily on plastic products, so learning how to choose and use plastic products correctly can avoid toxins and make life easier. At the same time, with the continuous occurrence of fire accidents, the flame retardancy of plastics has attracted people's attention. The international requirements for flame retardancy of plastic products are getting higher and higher. For the safety of life, when choosing plastic electrical products, please pay attention to the flame retardant effect. , To facilitate our lives.