How should medical plastic molds be maintained?


Plastic mold is an abbreviation for composite plastic m […]

Plastic mold is an abbreviation for composite plastic molds used for plastic molds, compression, extrusion, injection, blow molding, and low foam molding. According to the pouring system, the plastic mold factory can divide the molds into large nozzles, micro nozzles and hot runner molds.

In real life, many plastic life products require plastic molds for mass production, such as medical plastic parts, so plastic molds play a very important role in industrial manufacturing. So how to maximize the life of medical plastic molds and maximize their value is particularly important. Flower pot mould Moreover, effectively maintaining the plastic mold is a very necessary step.

1. When leaving work, the mold should be closed to prevent the cavity and core from being exposed. To prevent accidental damage, the downtime is expected to exceed 24 hours, and anti-rust oil or depilatory agent must be sprayed on the surface of the hollow and core.

2. Turn on the machine after a temporary shutdown, and confirm whether the slider limit moves after opening the mold.

3. In order to extend the life of the cooling channel, after the mold is out of service, the water in the cooling channel must be removed with compressed air immediately, a small amount of oil is put into the nozzle, and then blown out with compressed air, so that all cooling channels have a rust-proof oil layer.

  4. Carefully check the working status of each control component during work. The abnormality of the auxiliary system, the heating, and the maintenance of the control system are particularly important for the hot runner mold. At the end of each production cycle, the rod heater, belt heater, and thermocouple must be measured in Euros and compared with the technical specifications of the mold to ensure that the function is not impaired.

  5. During the production process, if the mold hears strange sounds or other abnormal conditions, it should be shut down immediately for inspection. The mold repairer shall inspect the normal working molds in the workshop, and deal with it in time if any abnormalities are found.

6. After the mold has completed the production quantity, when you need to get off the plane to replace other molds, you should apply rust inhibitor on the mold cavity, send the mold parts to the mold mechanics, and finally send the qualified products to the maintenance institute as samples .

  In the future, with the continuous growth of my country's national economy, the medical industry is also growing. The domestic medical plastic parts industry should develop new medical plastic products to meet the modern society's demand for improving the quality of medical and health services. I believe that medical plastic products will achieve better and greater development in the future.