How to distinguish plastic molds is really difficult


How to distinguish plastic molds is really difficult, e […]

How to distinguish plastic molds is really difficult, especially on the Internet. The main obstacle is that the mold is not like other products, and other products have samples. Customers can use the samples to identify whether the product is the product they want.

The mold itself, the first thing to look at is the material used in the mold. Many customers know that the mold materials are determined with the manufacturer before the mold is placed. The choice of mold materials is actually a choice for steel. The choice of steel is actually the choice of steel hardness and toughness. For the mold, the hardness of the selected steel is larger, the more difficult it is to wear during the production process, and the longer the service life is. The longer the service life, the more mold the mold can produce, which is a savings for the plastics manufacturer.

Secondly, it depends on whether the mold is easy to break under normal production and maintenance and often needs to be repaired. Everyone knows that something that is easy to break is definitely not good.

In addition, look at the products produced without flash, whether there are burrs, and whether the surface is smooth. There are flash edges, burrs, and not smooth. It is definitely not good. The injection molding manufacturers have to arrange for people to dispose of the burrs, which is a waste of time and waste of manpower and material resources.

In addition, it can be seen how many times a mold can be used in a minute, that is, how long the mold is used for a mold. This is also the production cost of the injection molding manufacturer. If the mold opening speed is faster, the more products are produced in a specific time. More, can effectively save the production cost of injection molding manufacturers.