How to distinguish the quality of plastic molds?


Plastic mold is an abbreviation for a combined plastic […]

Plastic mold is an abbreviation for a combined plastic mold for compression molding, extrusion molding, injection, blow molding and low foam molding. Mainly includes a concave mold with a variable cavity composed of a concave mold combined substrate, a concave mold assembly and a concave mold combined card board, a convex mold combined substrate, a convex mold component, a convex mold combined card board, a cavity cutting component and A punch with a variable core composed of side-section combined plates. Coordinated change of mold convex, concave mold and auxiliary forming system. It can process a series of plastic parts of different shapes and sizes.

OEM design 24 cavities cold runner spoon mould

How to distinguish the quality of plastic molds?


The first thing to look at is the material used for the mold. Many customers know that they must determine the material for the mold with the manufacturer before placing the mold. The choice of the material for the mold is actually a choice for steel. The choice of steel is actually the choice of steel hardness and toughness. For the mold, the greater the hardness of the selected steel, the harder it is to wear during the production process, and the longer the service life. Longer service life means that the mold can produce more products, which is a saving for plastic parts manufacturers.


Secondly, it depends on whether the mold is easily damaged under normal production and maintenance, and often needs to be repaired.

Furthermore, look at the products produced for burrs, burrs, and smooth surfaces. There are burrs, burrs, and not smooth is definitely not good, injection molding manufacturers have to arrange for people to deal with burrs and burrs, which is a waste of time, waste of manpower and resources.

In addition, look at how many molds can be made in a minute, that is, how long it takes to mold a mold, which is also considered the production cost of the injection molding company. Multiple, can effectively save the production costs of injection molding manufacturers.