How to ensure the production quality of plastic barrels?


For plastic barrels, it is very important to master the […]

For plastic barrels, it is very important to master the temperature. This is because temperature has a significant effect on the function of plastic extrusion and parison. Advancing the temperature of the extruder can reduce the viscosity of the melt, the fluidity of the melt, reduce the power consumption, and the speed of the advancing screw without affecting the plastic barrel. The mixing and plasticizing effect. In order to achieve this goal, we can use an electronic temperature controller to stabilize the process temperature and save energy significantly.

Humidity will affect the monotonous speed of Plastic medical mould  manufacturers, which must be better understood. Therefore, the relative humidity of plastic barrels is also an important factor affecting product quality. When the relative humidity in the barrel is low, the water vapor pressure difference between the surface and the monotonic machine is large, and the monotonic speed is fast, and vice versa.

See whether the product manufacturer has a relevant production license, such as a dangerous goods packaging product license. Check the raw materials used in the production of plastic barrels. It is better to use new materials; carefully check and understand whether the mechanical strength, heat resistance, solvent resistance and other functional indicators of the plastic barrel meet the requirements of the relevant specifications. Pay attention to check the appearance quality of the product, including color, integrity, gloss, etc. You can knock on the plastic barrel to listen to the sound, and you can wire it to see the elongation of the product.
If you use plastic buckets to hold drinking water, the release of toxic substances will endanger your health. Look at the color of the barrel. The color is required to be bright and without color difference. Choose a transparent color, followed by a single beautiful color. Don't choose black, because black is easy to add secondary materials and recycled materials, but it is difficult to distinguish. Look at the appearance of the barrel. Touch the edges with your hands, without any noticeable draping, with chamfers at all corners, and no scratching of your hands. Check that the rubber surface has no impurities, no black spots, the appearance of the bucket is transparent and lubricating, and the finish is good.

The impact on the expansion rate of plastic drums does not necessarily depend on the plastic structure. For example, thick-walled plastic parts have a larger expansion rate than thin-walled plastic parts (but most of the 1mm thin-walled plastic parts have a larger expansion rate than 2mm, which is due to the increased resistance of the melt in the mold cavity);