How to evaluate the performance of plastic mold products


The plastic mold systems are: pouring system, temperatu […]

The plastic mold systems are: pouring system, temperature adjustment system, molding parts system, exhaust system, guide system and ejection system. Among them, the pouring system and the molded parts are the parts that are in direct contact with the plastic and change with the plastic and the product. They are the most complicated and the most varied parts in the mold, and require the highest processing finish and precision.

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There are three main aspects of evaluating the performance of plastic mold products:


1. Appearance quality, including integrity, color, gloss;

2. Accuracy between size and relative position, that is, dimensional accuracy and position accuracy;

3. The mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, etc. corresponding to the application, if there is a problem due to any of the above three aspects, it will lead to the occurrence and expansion of mold product defects.