How to make medical precision injection molds?


  Medical precision injection molds usually requir […]


Medical precision injection molds usually require short mold cycles and long life. A good mold maker should find a good mold solution based on the specific needs of customers. The mold needs to be easy to operate and maintain.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the precision mold project, a detailed mold design analysis (DFM) and mold flow analysis are required when necessary.

Before starting processing, we need to communicate Plastic medical mould with customers repeatedly, fully understand their needs, and design molds that meet production requirements. Before starting to manufacture the mold, the customer needs to confirm the mold design to start production.

Stable employees are also important. We have a comfortable working environment. Our employees and technicians have worked here for many years, which is an important factor to ensure stable quality.

High-precision mold test: Equipped with a special mold test injection molding machine and qualified mold test operators to ensure that customers are provided with professional and timely sampling services.

With reliable quality, punctual delivery and reasonable prices, it not only provides professional one-stop service for the development of medical precision injection molds, but also provides flexible services for the production of individual molds or small batches of plastic parts. Regardless of whether the order is large or small, we will do it well, and all customers are VIPs!