Advantages of Injection Molding


Injection molding is the manufacturing process of parts […]

Injection molding is the manufacturing process of parts by injecting materials into closed molds. Injection moulded parts must be carefully designed to facilitate the molding process, and need to consider the material, the shape and the characteristic of parts, the materials and design of moulds, and the performance of molding machines. Consideration must also be given to the number of parts required and the service life of the molds.

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Next, we will describe the advantages of injection molding to help you learn more about the injection molding process.

1. High Accuracy

Plastic injection mould is an accurate method, it can make almost any type of plastic parts. There are certain design limitations, but the mold made to make the finished product very accurate.

2. Rapid Production

Although the speed depends on the complexity of the mold itself, it usually passes between about 15 and 30 seconds.

3. Low Labour Costs

The injection molding equipment usually uses automatic pouring, automation tools to maintain smooth operation and continuous production, with minimal supervision. So the advanced injection molding process can save a lot of manpower.

4. Suitable for Producing High-strength Components

One benefit of plastic injection is the ability to add fillers to assemblies during processing, which reduces the density of liquid plastics and increases the strength of finished parts. Injection plastic molding is an ideal process for producing high strength components.

5.Co-injection molding

Injection molding machines can handle two or more different types of plastics at the same time, and provide smooth finish appearance.

Injection molding also helps to save resources for plastic mould manufacturer because the manufacturer will be able to recycle material or any unused molding plastic or scraps. Those items can be melted down and reground for possible future use; therefore the plastic mould manufacturer has very little wasted material, another advantage to injection molding is that the productivity may increase because it saves the company money and time during mass production.

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