How To Make These Plastic Chair Molds?


Plastic chairs have become an indispensable household i […]

Plastic chairs have become an indispensable household item in the daily life. Especially Plastic rattan chairs are the art of life, and the processing technology is unforgettable. 

How to make these plastic chair moulds? 

Mainly grasp the following major points:

First of all: 

1. The steel of the chair mould is generally use P20 or 718. 

2. Gate type: 90% of the chair molds are generally used with side gates, and some use hot runners with large gates. 

3. Demoulding Type: The top of the thimble is placed on the rib. If it is robot taken out, it is topped up. If it is automatically, it will be turned down.

4. Surface treatment: lighting, texture, partial texture. Flower board interchange: Generally, it is knocked out and exchanged with a diagonal rod, and the screw rotation interchange is more advanced. 

5. The waterway design of the chair mould is no more than 1 meter. 

Need to test after the chair mold is finished: (1)Huff line: can not row. (2)Flash: The legs and weld joints are prone to flash because of poor exhaust. 

6. Overlay: 

- 10 or more chairs can not be tilted 

- the distance between the two legs should not exceed 60mm when superimposed 

- easy to separate after stacking (superimposed ribs are generally located under the seat cushion)

The testing&producing machine of the chair mold needs to be selected: 

Length = height of the chair + 140 (distance from the top to the edge of the chair) + 220 (distance from the end of the leg to the edge) 

Width = chair width + 140 × 2. 

Height: Depending on the draft angle, the seat cushion can be smoothly removed. Generally, the vertical height of the seat cushion is +100 (top) + 120 (bottom). 

The size of the machine is determined by the weight of the product 

- Less than 2500g, generally 650 tons machine 

- Larger, 780 tons 

- Armchair, back foot U-shaped groove or triangular groove chair, needs 1000 tons and need to lengthen the nozzle.

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