Is it true that the appearance of plastic buckets directly affects the company’s sales business?


Is it true that the appearance of plastic buckets direc […]

Is it true that the appearance of plastic buckets directly affects the company’s sales business?

The appearance of the Bucket mould directly affects the company's sales business, affects the corporate image, gives customers the illusion of product quality problems, affects cooperation and causes unnecessary economic losses.
To understand the nature of the raw materials, adjust the process formula reasonably. The technical parameters of blow-molded tray products strictly comply with national standards, and the product appearance design and product size can also be tailored according to needs. Plastic barrel products are widely used in chemical, dye, pharmaceutical, pesticide, metallurgy, rare earth, machinery, electronics, environmental protection, textile, food and other industries. If the fluidity of the raw material after heating is poor, it will cause the brightness of the barrel wall.

Due to external influences, the water content of the raw materials is large. The large amount of water vapor generated during the production process will cause the cylinder wall to be found dark but not bright during the production process.

In the production process of plastic barrels, recycled materials are added, and the proportion is large, resulting in a bright appearance of the barrel. This problem can be solved by reducing the proportion of recycled materials and adding low-pressure resin appropriately (Emerson).

The leakage of the mold cooling system and the long-term operation of the mold cause corrosion and damage to the sealing system. Water leakage occurs in certain parts of the mold, resulting in the blunt wall of the barrel. The sealing strip should be replaced to ensure that the leakage problem is solved. The mold exhaust system is not good. Excessive gas stays on the mold during the production process, resulting in poor gloss. Therefore, the mold exhaust system must be inspected and repaired in time.

Injection molding process problems: insufficient packaging pressure, short packaging time, resulting in insufficient barrel density (unit: g/cm3 or kg/m3), poor gloss, packaging pressure should be increased to delay packaging time.