Mold injection molding process flow analysis


Mold injection molding process flow analysis When the i […]

Mold injection molding process flow analysis
When the injection mold is processed, it is generally formed in batches, so we attach great importance to the injection molding technique and process of the mold. If the processing is not in accordance with the specified requirements, the injection mold will be damaged. To this end, the editor will introduce the process analysis of mold injection molding processing methods:

1. Raw materials generally do not need to be dried, and in some cases, bake at 80°C for 2 hours;

2. The molding temperature range is large, and the heating melting and curing speed are fast, so the molding cycle is generally short; temperature parameters: the temperature of the barrel is about 200 ℃, and the silver filament will easily appear if the material temperature is too high, and the transparency will be poor if the material temperature is too low ;

3. Mold temperature control: The mold temperature is generally 50-80°C;

4. The fluidity of GPPS is very good, and high pressure is not required in the beer plastic (usually the injection pressure is about 10Mpa), so as not to increase the internal stress of the plastic part if it is too large-may lead to cracking (especially after the paint decoration process);

5. The injection speed should be properly high to reduce water entrainment, but because the injection speed is greatly affected by the injection pressure, an excessively high speed may cause problems such as tipping or mold sticking when ejecting, and top whitening and cracking when ejecting;

6. Appropriate back pressure: If the back pressure is too low, the screw will easily overflow into the air, the material particle density in the barrel is small, the plasticizing effect of the rubber particles is not good, and the apparent quality of the rubber parts will be affected (generally, the back pressure is 10-20kg /cm2); g) The fine nozzle on the mold is generally designed to be 0.8-1.0mm.h) Glass fiber reinforced PS-GF30, the barrel temperature is 180~275, the mold temperature is 20~80, and the molding shrinkage rate is 0.1~0.2. Density 1.29/cm3.