Plastic flower pots want to be smoothly demoulded


Plastic flower pots want to be smoothly demoulded, the […]

Plastic flower pots want to be smoothly demoulded, the mold must have a certain degree of drafting, the mold should have a relatively high surface roughness, and there must be a demoulding device, so that when the mold is opened, the mold ejector, or The push plate can push the plastic flower pot out of the mold.
The difference between resin flower pots and plastic flower pots: resin is denser than plastic, generally the same size of flower pots, resin pots feel heavy. Another obvious feature is that the resin is more resistant to burning than plastic and has a high hardness, which is also a relatively easy distinction between the two. In short, the two materials are not breathable, if the use of flowers, it is best to use tile basins, pottery basins are better.
Cement pots are generally used for decoration of bonsai gardens, seedling bases, banks, hotels, factories, etc. Cement pots are represented by cement concrete. The size of the cement pot is determined by the size. The material of the cement flower pot mold is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the glass fiber reinforced plastic material is light, which is convenient for making flower pots and maintenance materials, and has a relatively long service life.

The production process and lines of cement pots are similar, mainly due to the difference in molds. In order to facilitate demoulding, the mold of the cement flower pot is composed of a plurality of molds, and the cement pots are produced at one time.
The key points in the production of cement pots are in molds, raw materials, as well as mechanical vibrations, and additives. Changes in market demand have led to the development of cement flowerpot molds in large, artistic, classical and direction.