Plastic Laundry Basket And Mould


In our opinion, laundry baskets are household essential […]

In our opinion, laundry baskets are household essentials that we all need, so everyone should buy a laundry basket! Even if you already have a perfectly good laundry hamper, a laundry basket is useful for transporting a single load of laundry to the washer and then transport the wet clothes to the dryer (if it’s located elsewhere) or to hang outside.

Using a laundry basket if so much easier than just carrying an armful of clothes. Laundry baskets are designed for this purpose so have a range of features that make them perfect for the task at hand.

The plastic basket moulding is made to stay with the moving-mould half by using what is known as a “sprue puller”.

To ensure that plastic basket production is consistent and uniform the plastic basket mould temperature is controlled, e.g. by circulating water through cooling channels (in the case of thermoplastics) or by means of electrical resistance elements (in the case of thermosets).