The automatic CNC punching machine is equipped with a multi-station mold


The automatic CNC punching machine is equipped with a m […]

The automatic CNC punching machine is equipped with a multi-station mold, which processes various shapes of holes by automatically changing the machining path and quickly changing the punching points when processing the sheet. Mainly used in equipment panels, electrical component mounting panels, metal furniture, kitchen utensils and cabinets, and other hole types of different sizes and shapes.

Introduction of automatic punching equipment 1. The structure is mainly composed of three parts: special punching machine, platform feeding body and special automatic mold. 2. Pneumatic clutch punching machine, welding body, stable performance. 3. The control unit adopts industrial-grade integrated workstation, which is shockproof and anti-jamming, and is suitable for working in harsh environments. The software uses ST-V8.5, independent research and development, free upgrade, easy to learn, more humane; no programming, AutoCAD graphics automatic conversion processing program, own mold library management, automatic plate repositioning, one-click operation batch Machining, breakpoint machining, piece counting display, simulation display machining trajectory, equipment dry running diagnosis and other functions. 4. The work surface adopts the universal ball work surface, the feeding is smooth and no resistance, and the plate will not be scratched. 5. Start the clutch press and weld the fuselage with stable performance. 6. Feeding body with ultra-wide rail spacing, stable operation and guaranteed feeding accuracy. 7. The turret mold structure is special, the design is simple, the concept is exquisite, the upper and lower molds are precisely locked and positioned once to ensure the coaxiality, and the mold can be quickly converted by rotating the punch head.