The Injection Molded Crates


Injection mold is a kind of very precise mould, compare […]

Injection mold is a kind of very precise mould, compared to blow molding, extrusion, foaming mould, injection mould is one of the most complex, and are based on customized product or drawing, a lot of new friends when asked mould price often have many questions, why the price quotation is different, sent thousands of pieces of small products, big difference of tens of thousands of products are available.

In our daily life, when we go to decorate for example, order a furniture, make to order a wardrobe, the same design may quote on the difference of hundreds of pieces, and make to order a mold is actually so much different, very difficult to understand.

Injection molded crates (milk crates, soda crates, bread crates) are made on standard injection molding machines. Perhaps some customization is added for machines whose sole purpose is crates, but the machine maker’s “standard” machine will still be able to make them efficiently.