The plastic mold is an abbreviation for a combined mold


The plastic mold is an abbreviation for a combined mold […]

The plastic mold is an abbreviation for a combined mold for compression molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding and low foam molding. The coordinated changes of the mold convex and concave molds and the auxiliary forming system can process a series of plastic parts of different shapes and sizes. Today's pineapple three-dimensional small series to analyze the development trend of plastic molds.

The development trend of plastic mold
The accuracy of the size can be achieved, which is an important factor in the manufacture of high-precision, high-quality, high-tech products. The good thing I did before was Japan, Germany. With decades of continuous learning and innovation, we have also seen a large number of companies specializing in high-precision mold manufacturing in China's mold industry.

To do high-precision molds, there are two main elements, one is equipment and the other is talent. With the dramatic increase in the number of high-end equipment in China, this is no longer a problem. There are also talents. Many of them come from foreign companies or joint ventures to start a business, or the boss, or the supervisor, to compete with the original old club by virtue of the technology they have learned.

At present, there is still a certain distance from foreign countries in the field of precision. However, it is conceivable that such distance will be surpassed in the near future as we catch up! This is only a matter of time. After all, manufacturing is also a manifestation of a country's overall national strength, especially in large countries, where a manufacturing-backward power is deformed and unstable. Especially for our large countries with large populations. In addition, such a high-end manufacturing industry can be converted into military products at any time during wartime. It is also an important part of a country's war potential, and the country cannot ignore it.