The reason for the mold burst


Analysis of the cause of mold burst: 1. The mold materi […]

Analysis of the cause of mold burst:

1. The mold material is not good, and it is easy to break in the subsequent processing

2. Heat treatment: deformation caused by improper quenching and tempering process

3. The mold grinding flatness is not enough, resulting in deflection

4. Design process: the strength of the mold is not enough, the distance between the knife edges is too close, the mold structure is unreasonable, the number of template blocks is not enough, there is no backing plate foot

5. Improper handling of wire cutting: the wire is cut, the gap is wrong, and the corner is not cleaned

6. Selection of punch equipment: punch tonnage, insufficient punching force, too deep die adjustment

7. Unsmooth removal of material: no demagnetization treatment before production, no return tip; broken needles and springs in production

8. The blanking is not smooth: there is no leakage of excrement when the mold is assembled, or the excrement is rolled, and the feet are blocked.

9. Production awareness: the lamination is stamped, the positioning is not in place, the air gun is not used, and the template continues to be produced with cracks