These contents are the main reasons that affect the machining accuracy of the mold


Mold processing designers must have extensive design an […]

Mold processing designers must have extensive design and injection molding experience. For precision mold processing, the relationship between these factors and injection molding conditions and their appearance factors must be considered, such as injection pressure, cavity pressure and filling speed, injection melt temperature and mold temperature, mold structure and gate type and distribution, and discussed the effect of gate area, wall thickness, filler content in plastic, plastic crystallinity and orientation. The influence of the above factors also varies with the plastic material or other molding conditions such as temperature, humidity, continuous crystallization and molding machine.

In the research on related technical factors affecting mold processing, mold is the key to obtain precision plastic products that are more in line with the requirements of teaching quality management. The design of the mold, whether the mold structure design enterprise is reasonable will directly affect the quality of plastic products.

Because the injection molding process is the transformation of plastic from solid (powder or granules) to liquid (melt) to solid (product). Precision mold processing, from particles to melt, and then from melt to product, through the action of the intermediate temperature field, flow field and density field. Under the combined action of these fields, different plastics (thermoset or thermoplastic, crystalline or amorphous, reinforced or non-reinforced, etc.). With different polymer structures and rheological properties. All the factors that affect the above "field" will definitely affect the physical and mechanical properties, size, shape, precision and appearance quality of plastic products.

Due to the combination of process factors, polymers, structural forms and plastic materials, the finished mold will be displayed. As long as the mold processing master can be familiar with the relationship between these materials and the specific processing technology and drawings, it can be produced. Create a mold.