These three points can easily affect the life of the mold


These three points can easily affect the life of the mo […]

These three points can easily affect the life of the mold

1. Materials

The choice of mold material has a great impact on the service life of the mold. According to data research, improper material selection and heat treatment will lead to early failure of the mold, while aluminum die-casting molds are hot work molds, and their manufacturing conditions are relatively poor. The production staff should control the temperature of the molten aluminum between 650-720℃ and preheat it. If it is not preheated, the surface temperature of the mold cavity will increase from room temperature to liquid temperature, and the surface of the cavity will be subjected to large tensile stress. In the process of opening the top of the mold, the surface of the cavity will also bear a lot of compressive stress. After thousands of times of die casting, defects such as cracks will appear on the surface of the mold.

2. Structural design

When designing an aluminum die-casting mold, it should be avoided that the rounded corners are too sharp and the cross-section change is too large, because the stress concentration caused by the sharp corners is 10 times the average stress of the mold, which may easily lead to early failure of the mold. In addition, the designer should also pay attention to the deformation and cracking of the mold in the subsequent heat treatment. In order to prevent the formation of the above defects, the cross-sectional size of the mold should be uniform and symmetrical, the blind holes should be opened as through holes as much as possible, and the process holes can be opened if necessary. In the mold structure design, geometric gaps, including tool marks, included angles, translation grooves, holes and sudden changes in section, should also be avoided.

3. Processing method

Incorrect machining can easily lead to stress concentration and insufficient finish, which can lead to defects in the mold and affect the service life. Therefore, during the mold processing, the surface of the cooling control system should be smooth without any processing marks.