What are the factors affecting plastic parts


What are the factors affecting plastic parts Whether th […]

What are the factors affecting plastic parts

Whether the flow of plastic material flow, shrinkage cavity, weld mark, crack, demoulding angle, etc. affect the performance, dimensional accuracy, surface quality and other requirements of plastic parts. Whether the pattern design is insufficient, whether the processing is simple, and whether the shrinkage of the molding material is selected correctly.

Whether the injection volume, injection pressure, and clamping force are sufficient, whether there is any problem with the installation of the mold, the core of the plastic part, and the demolding, and whether the nozzle of the injection machine and Plastic furniture mould the mouth sleeve are in correct contact.

Mold structure

1). Whether the position of the parting surface and the precision of the finishing process meet the requirements, whether there will be overflow, and whether the plastic parts can be guaranteed to stay on the side of the mold with the ejector device after the mold is opened.

2). Whether the demoulding method is correct, whether the size, position, and quantity of the promotion rod and push tube are appropriate, whether the push plate will be stuck by the core, and will it cause scratches on the molded parts.

3). Regarding mold temperature adjustment. The power and quantity of the heater; whether the location, size and quantity of the flow line of the cooling medium are appropriate.

4). The method of processing the undercut of plastic parts and whether the mechanism for removing the undercut is appropriate, such as whether the slider and the push rod in the inclined guide column core pulling mechanism interfere with each other.

5). Is the position and size of the pouring and exhaust system appropriate?