What are the taboos of designing plastic molds?


Because the structure and shape of the plastic parts ar […]

Because the structure and shape of the plastic parts are various, the same mold is almost absent, but the mold structure of the same product can have several planning plans, and choose the best plan from several planning plans. Therefore, the mold planning should have a clear intention and fierce innovation. Mold planning must strive for optimization, planners must overcome the shortcomings of weak responsibility and indifferent quality understanding, and establish the concept of "the quality of the mold is planned"!

Yellow mop bucket Mould

3D modeling requires thoughtful details, and 2D drawings require parts to be produced. Planners cannot use planning mission as a reason to complete the mission without taking into account the quality and cost of the mold. Customer first, the top of the user list, can't talk about it, the demand truly meets the customer's expectations, we must first start with the optimization of mold structure planning.


Taboo mold planning violates guidelines. Mold planning should follow the guidelines of reliable structure and top quality, satisfy customer expectations, and avoid premature mold failure. The structure, principle and requirements of the planned molds and parts are correct and reasonable, otherwise the result may be catastrophic.


Conceptual fault planning mechanical drawing rules, the size of the hole only allows positive values, the size of the shaft only allows negative values, and its unmarked tolerance value is HT12 accuracy.