What Cause Surface Defects Of Injection Processing Molds


The production of injection products requires the use o […]

The production of injection products requires the use of injection processing molds. Under normal circumstances, the plastic products produced by this injection molding method have good gloss and color on the surface, but sometimes there are inevitably some shortcomings. In addition to the material problems of the plastic itself, colorants, and the gloss of the mold surface, what other reasons can the injection molding process cause such an effect?


The mold finish is poor, the surface of the cavity is rusted, etc., the mold exhaust is not good.

There is a problem with the casting system of the mold, the cold material well should be enlarged, the flow channel, the polishing main channel, the split channel and the gate should be increased.

The material temperature and the mold temperature are too low. If necessary, the gate can be heated locally.

Injection molding process pressure is too low, the speed is too slow, the injection time is insufficient, the back pressure is insufficient, resulting in poor compactness and making the surface dark.

Plastics should be fully plasticized, but the degradation of materials should be prevented, heat should be stable, and cooling should be sufficient, especially thick-walled.

To prevent cold materials from entering the parts, use self-locking springs or lower the nozzle temperature if necessary.

Too much recycled material is used, the quality of the plastic or colorant is poor, and the quality of the lubricant mixed with water vapor or other impurities is poor.

The clamping force should be sufficient.