What is the composition and structure of plastic injection molds


What is the composition and structure of plastic inject […]

What is the composition and structure of plastic injection molds

Plastic mold processing is basically divided into Plastic furniture mould and movable mold. The one with sprue sleeve on the side of the injection head processed by the plastic injection mold is a static mold. The static mold generally consists of a sprue sleeve, a backing plate, and a template. A simple mold can also use a thicker template instead of a backing plate. Up. Plastic mold processing sprue sleeves are generally standard parts, and it is not recommended to cancel unless there are special reasons. The use of sprue sleeves for plastic mold processing is conducive to mold installation and easy replacement, without self-polishing. Plastic mold processing Some special mold sprue sleeves can be drilled out or cut by taper line cutting. When part of the mold must be demolded from the static mold, the static mold release mechanism must be added. The structure of the movable mold for plastic mold processing is generally a movable template, a movable mold backing plate, a demolding mechanism, and a mold foot and a fixed plate for the installation.

In addition to the stripping rod, there is also a return rod in the demolding mechanism. In the injection molding part of the plastic shell, a spring must be added to realize functions such as automatic demolding. The basic structure of the mold is also indispensable for plastic shell injection processing, as well as guide posts, cooling water holes, and runners. Of course, the inclined guide mold also has inclined guide boxes, inclined guide posts, etc. When designing a mold for a product, the plastic shell injection molding process must first set the basic structural dimensions of the mold to prepare materials to speed up the mold manufacturing. Plastic shell injection molding complex products should first draw the product picture, and then determine the size of the mold.

The gate is directly related to the beauty of the plastic part. If the gate design is not good, defects are likely to occur. It is easy to produce snake-like flow when the plastic shell is sprayed without any obstruction. Plastic shell spraying should also be designed for overflow and exhaust for products with high requirements. The ejector pin can be used at the overflow, and there should be no overflow flash on the template, so as not to affect the life of the mold. There are also more and more software for plastic shell spraying design molds, and most of them rarely use pencils to draw mold drawings.