What is the important role of injection mold exhaust


If the injection mold design does not consider the exha […]

If the injection mold design does not consider the exhaust setting, the gas accumulated in the injection mold will cause the following hazards.

①Increase the filling resistance, resulting in unclear edges and blurred edges and corners on the surface of the product

② High internal stress is generated inside the product, and obvious flow marks, gas marks and welding marks will appear on the surface, and the performance of plastic parts will be reduced, resulting in bubbles,

Loose, even surface quality defects such as injection dissatisfaction, weak welding, peeling, etc.

③Due to the compression of gas during injection molding, instantaneous high temperature is generated in the cavity, which causes the melt to decompose and change color, and even causes spots such as local carbonization and scorching

④Due to poor exhaust, the mold filling speed is reduced and the molding cycle is prolonged. If the injection pressure is increased, flash will be generated locally, and the trapped air will be produced.

Generated resistance, resulting in loose tissue and decreased strength. With proper exhaust, the injection speed can be increased, and the filling and holding pressure can reach a good state.