When to use low-flow plastics


1. Processing and adjustment: a. The set temperature, p […]

1. Processing and adjustment:

a. The set temperature, pressure and speed are too high. Fractional injection should be used. Injection time, dwell time, and excessive feed volume can all lead to flashing.

b. The hinge of the clamping machine is not straightened during adjustment, or the adjustment nut often moves when the mold is opened or closed, resulting in insufficient clamping force.

c. The parallelism between the adjusting head and the two poles is not enough or the system pressure is too high.

2. Reasons for strobe and parts dissatisfaction:

a. When the size of the plastic raw material is not uniform, the feeding amount will change.

b. Excessive wear of the screw rubber head, rubber ring and rubber pad may cause flashing of the melt or unsatisfactory sliding and backflow inside the screw and the barrel.

c. The cooling system of the feeding port is faulty, adjust the feeding.

d. The amount of material to be set on the barrel is insufficient, that is, the buffer is too small, resulting in flashes or dissatisfaction with the product.