Where can I find high-precision medical device molds?


  With the continuous upgrading of the medical dev […]


With the continuous upgrading of the medical device industry, it has gradually changed the current status of high-end medical devices and equipment relying heavily on imports. National policies encourage the development of the domestic medical device industry. In the development of medical devices or medical consumables, medical molds play an important role. The role of.
From disposable medical syringes and blood collection tubes to sophisticated high-tech medical meters, medical equipment and instruments, plastics have played an important role in improving the level of medical technology. Because medical devices Plastic medical mould have special requirements for hygiene and safety, smooth surface, and corrosion resistance, injection molds for medical plastic products play a pivotal role in the production process of their products.

At present, the medical industry has high requirements for the processing accuracy and stability of medical device injection molds. These are the difficulties that medical device injection molds need to overcome. High-precision mold processing equipment and experienced operators ensure the precision control of mold processing; mold parts must pass the quality control measurement between processes, which not only ensures the efficient manufacturing of molds, but also ensures the excellent quality of molds and medical devices.