How to care for the mold


Mold is a tool for making shaped articles. It is compos […]

Mold is a tool for making shaped articles. It is composed of many parts. Different molds are made up of different parts. Under the action of external force, the blank is a tool for products with specific size and shape. It has been widely used. Injection molding, stamping, extrusion, pressure casting and rubber injection molding or compression molding. When using it, pay attention to the correct maintenance of it. Today, the mold manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction on how to maintain the mold.

1. The mold can be cleaned by using the cleaning agent of the mold. For every corner of the mold, the cleaning, residual glue, injection molding materials, grease and plastic slag should be carefully cleaned, and then the mold should be dried by air gun until the mold is dry. .

2. When it is found that the mold is rusted, or when the mold is prevented from rusting, it can be sprayed with a special anti-rust agent. When spraying, it can be sprayed at a position within the fifteen or twenty-five of the mold. To be evenly sprayed, there is no omission in every place.

3. After the spraying is completed, the mold can be closed, the number of the mold is registered, the date, time and operation of the rust prevention are recorded, and the storage is also carried out in a cool and dry place. This is also the place where the mold manufacturer reminds everyone.

4. When using it again, use a cleaning agent to clean the rust inhibitor on the surface of the mold, but do not use kerosene, white mineral oil or sparkling oil or other strong alkali or strong acid products for cleaning.

When maintaining the mold, you can refer to the above contents for operation. When selecting the cleaning agent, choose a product with strong cleaning power, environmental protection, low odor and low corrosivity to prevent the mold from rusting quickly. When rusting, avoid the color of the mold itself to prevent missing parts. In addition, you must choose a reliable mold manufacturer.