Plastic rubber is one of the most important basic materials


Plastic rubber is one of the most important basic mater […]

Plastic rubber is one of the most important basic materials  and has been widely used in medical equipment and medical packaging. Since the first use of synthetic polymer materials celluloid membrane as a dialysis membrane artificial kidney in the 1930s, polymer materials have gradually replaced traditional inorganic materials such as metals (or alloys), glass, ceramics, Apatite or the like is used for preparing medical devices, especially in broad-spectrum medical consumables (infusion sets, blood transfusion devices, syringes, etc.), respiratory anesthesia (intubation, respiratory masks, etc.), neurosurgery (skull repair tablets, drainage devices, etc.) ), dialysis, cardiovascular (heart stent, occluder, etc.), etc., have mature and extensive applications.

With the booming industry, a variety of high-performance plastics for medical devices have emerged. The high-performance plastics currently used on the market are traditional products such as PP, PVC, PE, silicone rubber, etc. The transparent polypropylene (PP) material developed by SABIC has glass-like transparency and is suitable for conventional or pre-filling. Plastic syringes and metering systems improve metering accuracy and better detect contaminants, and materials are used to produce medical metering cups. Waker's medical silicone film can be used as a flexible wound dressing, a breathable film, or as a dielectric elastomer for sensors and artificial muscles.

In recent years, some engineering plastics have also entered the medical industry with better performance, such as medical grade nylon 12. Compared with traditional medical polymer products, nylon 12 has more excellent biocompatibility, stability, physical and mechanical properties and processing properties, and is now mature in various medical catheters and balloons. For another example, Bayer MaterialScience's insulin pen made of the medical grade polycarbonate blend Baylander M850XF is the same size and shape as the ballpoint pen. It is easy to carry and brings good news to diabetic patients.